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By Santa Randy Gabrelcik
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Hand Sanitizer

Our customers have requested SantaSCents fragrances in hand sanitizers that can be taken with them during the busy Santa Season which also happens to be cold and flu season! Unfortunately, we all know children can be germ magnets. We all work very hard to keep those germs away and stay healthy during our holiday season. Hand sanitizer is a “must have” product we can carry in our bags to use “on set” in malls or right before we head into a daycare, community event or private family visit.

Hand sanitizer must contain at least 60 percent alcohol to be effective against germs and bacteria on the skin. Our antibacterial hand sanitizer in clear PET plastic bottles with 62% ethyl alcohol as active ingredient. The gel hand sanitizer helps kill germs on contact and is easy to use with a flip top cap. A standard ingredient label is included on the back of the bottle. Our sanitizer also contains Aloe Barbodensis Leaf Juice and Glycerin which are very important ingredients to help defend against dryness and maintain skin's moisture level.

cocoa santa mustache wax


Warms with your skin to provide a rich creamy and sweet fragrance with plenty of cocoa. The soul yearns for chocolate. It’s the ultimate indulgence of life. One of Santa’s favorite beverages to have with cookies!
2 oz. bottle $2.50

santa scents
mrs c cookies mustache wax


Fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Can you smell these buttery cookies and the vanilla frosting? Santa can hardly wait to have some!
2 oz. bottle $2.50

santa scents
santa baby mustache wax


A fresh dry powdery fragrance to calm and sooth. This fragrance brings to mind warm skin and hugs with a hint of lavender. This scent can help lull small ones to sleep and instill a sense of safety and security.
2 oz. bottle $2.50

santa scents
sweet santa mustache wax


Freshens the spirit and invigorates the mind. The scent will have you remembering the holidays all year long with a twinkle in your eye. This fragrance will have children holding out their hands in anticipation of a candy cane!
2 oz. bottle $2.50

santa scents
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