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By Santa Randy Gabrelcik
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Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax: Conveniently packaged in a roll up tube so you don’t have to “dig it out of a tin”. You can take these convenient tubes with you for touch-ups wherever you go, keeping your stache looking great. Mustache wax is harder consistency in order to mold & hold your mustache into a handle bar style. It takes a little practice to get your method down, but once you have it, you will never know how you did it without it!! You might need to reapply or touch up because your mustache will absorb the product, after eating, or being outside in hot weather. Reapplying will ensure that hold you want. With the convenient tube you can touch up your stache easily anywhere when needed!

cocoa santa mustache wax


Warms with your skin to provide a rich creamy and sweet fragrance with plenty of cocoa. The soul yearns for chocolate. It’s the ultimate indulgence of life. One of Santa’s favorite beverages to have with cookies!
8 ml. tube $5.00

santa scents
mrs c cookies mustache wax


Fresh baked cookies out of the oven. Can you smell these buttery cookies and the vanilla frosting? Santa can hardly wait to have some!
8 ml. tube $5.00

santa scents
santa baby mustache wax


A fresh dry powdery fragrance to calm and sooth. This fragrance brings to mind warm skin and hugs with a hint of lavender. This scent can help lull small ones to sleep and instill a sense of safety and security.
8 ml. tube $5.00

santa scents
sweet santa mustache wax


Freshens the spirit and invigorates the mind. The scent will have you remembering the holidays all year long with a twinkle in your eye. This fragrance will have children holding out their hands in anticipation of a candy cane!
8 ml. tube $5.00

santa scents
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